It aint tricking if you got it

I have been bumming around the idea of "It aint tricking if you got it" for a while. I mean what does that mean? I have called some bitches "tricks" in the past. And I know that prostitutes turn tricks. But the man is a john. So who's got it? So I bring this up at a meeting of the minds with fellow teachers and finally figured out. That the hoes aint tricking men out of their money if they have so much money that it does not matter.

But how f*in dumb are these mofos on the songs to be to say ooh girl you aint tricking me out of these dollars with sex cause I'm so rich it doesnt matter? I mean who pays for sex. Okay tons of people. But I mean come on... like paying for sex, whether its on the corner, or from craigslist, or at the Bunny Ranch is just soo damn lame. I mean get a life, and get some ass the proper way. Yeah I hear you intellectual negroes saying "But K, men already pay for sex when they purchase a woman dinner, or take her out on a date. Buy her gifts, provide for her and what about a wedding ring. All of this is a society exchange we have agreed with and bought into with a woman's duties including sex (along with laundry and cooking) and a husband's duty being to provide (along with taking out the trash and fixing stuff.)

But come on, thats just chivalry. And besides if you gotta go out of your budget to get some ass you stupid anyway. And if you are impressing a girl with nice dinners so you can get ass you a lame too. (Like Keri Hilson said "You dont even know me and you wanna take me shopping, you a lame, i can tell it aint big shit poppin. You turning me off.")

I mean I think its a cool saying. I like to sing it along with T.I., but at face value. That shit is stupid.

Did you get the same thing from the phrase?


b.enchanted said...

What's sad is that I got nothing from the phrase. Music sucks so much that I hardly pay attention to lyrics on the radio :(

On another note, did you notice that I am your #1 reader, LOL.

T said...

I thought tricking meant wasting money. So if you are in fact, wasting money, it's not considered wasting money, because you have so much of it.

I've had this same conversation and we decided that tricking is tricking even if you do have it.

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