So I think I realized that I am a lame. I have always known that I was a nerd. Well, actually, I used to be cool, but face it cool is relative. When you get bussed to a gifted school on the Northside, and you are the only kid who can dance, you are cool. But, amongst the kids at summer camp, or uhhh at WYHS, I was pretty much a nerd. Looking back, this has been my reality. It probably began when I was in 3rd grade and realized I could save time if I headed my papers everyday on the bus instead of waiting until I got to school. That way I would have the papers at the front of my Trapper Keeper and be ready to go as soon as we got an assignment. Yeah. I know.

There are many other moments of extreme lamity, but I am starting to think that I am not just lame cause I do lame things, but because I don't do anything that is super cool. I mean lets think about it. I dont wear cool clothes ( I am told this daily). I may have fabulous hair, but its not a super trendy Rihanna-esque cut. I collect cows, hippos and UglyDolls. I use text language in everyday speech daily. I take my lunch to work everyday. I still heart Janet Jackson. I listen to whats on the radio. I dont have any super cool underground tracks that I can put you on to. I don't even read celebrity blogs or watch many YouTube videos. I dont even have a cool job, with a cool title and a swanky business card. And if you come down to visit, or visit the Chi, I'm going to have to ask someone else where to take you to go out, because I don't have a clue. Funky Buddha? Compound? Meh.

But I think I'm cool with it, I'll just listen to Keri Hilson and Beyonce and shrug my shoulders when people bring up the members of Tribe or those other cool kid groups.

Oooh wait. I got one thing thats cool.. A Bua picture, signed! But I haven't even put it in a frame. Wack.

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Anonymous said...

These are all the reasons I continue to heart you. If I had the gift of writing or a blog, I definitely would've written a post like this. We're bringing nerdy back! And life is all about knowing your level and being comfortable on it

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