Adult Security Blanket

This weekend I was kicking it HARD throughout the city. Open Bar parties, wild and crazy BBQs, plays and such, flows at friend's houses. I was out and about for real for real and one thing I noticed in EVERY arena was adults using their cell phones as a security blanket. Sure we all know the discomfort of standing alone at the bar or in a party when your friends are off elsewhere... sure we know that your phone has bells and whistles that have effectively antiquated boredom.. but you look like a douche, if everytime you walk from one place to another you are clicking, scrolling, touch screening something on your cell phone. You are not Jay-Z or Obama, Chertoff or Angelina Jolie. You and I both know that no one is reaching out to you THAT much that you need to be on your phone every free moment.

You are saying.. But Spidey, I have text messages, e-mails and missed calls that I have to stay on top of.. Umm NO. cause you and I both know half the time you check your e-mail its a mass message from Footlocker, the Obama campaign, Bath and Body Works or some party promoter who you are archiving anyway.. Or maybe you are updating your status message or tweeting, but that's some bs too cause you could just as easily make that comment to the real live person who is standing next to you, and get a response that is not electronic, full of actual intonation, inflection and facial expressions. You could make a real human connection.

This has just become my recent annoyance, because several times this weekend, I have looked around to talk to my friends and acquaintances and ALL of them are on their phone.. screw me for thinking that we would just talk to one another since we ventured outside of the house to go somewhere where people will be. Soooo the next time you automatically reach for your phone, think.. is anyone REALLy calling me, or am I just trying to stave off boredom.. if so be bored.. and then cure that boredom by talking to the person next to you. It wont kill ya.


b.enchanted said...

Ha ha. Very true. I can't stand to see a guy standing around with his damn phone, getting calls and sending texts (actually checking in with mom and playing sudoku but you know...)

identitycrisis said...

Ooh. I am so guilty of this. I was all in my phone after salsa class on Saturday even though I had danced with all the men in there and half of them probably copped a feel.

But for real, I kinda hate small talk. And talking on the phone. So no one is ever really calling me anyway. I'll do better.

Thanks for the wake up call.

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