Ignorant Negroes: You MUST be stopped.

This is a new category... Of course I can name 10000s who need to be stopped, but this Inaugural Post is dedicated to all the Negros who are acting a fool cause the President is Black.

Okay, so the President is Black. I don't have a Lambo, But I'm feeling the vibe. I LOVE watching press conferences and seeing him up there, in all his professional style. I love Michelle doing her thing in the garden and at DC schools. I love seeing the First family on Ebony and Essence. There is almost nothing to NOT love about the President being Black...

Except ignorant ass Black people who continually disrespect the president in ways we would NEVER accept from white folks (like that damn "Barack the Magic Negro") So people need to take this opportunity to step their game up.. instead of mixing our president up with liquor and sex...

Ignorant Negro #1: P. Diddy

Crime: Two words, Ciroc Obama!!

You must be kidding me... did you really just comingle my warm and fuzzy feelings for my Black President with your vodka brand??? Hell to the naw. And it came out of nowhere.. Screaming it out on a damn Day 26 song for goodness sakes. Not even a hit.. some dumb shit by a Band that still hasn't quite Made it! You's a nigga for that one P. that's some serious Bitchassness if you ask me. His name does NOT belong on your labels, like it shouldn't be on a gas station or chicken palace.

And on to Public Enemy Number 1:

Juelz Santana

Who? right, yeah i forgot he existed too...Anyway...

Crime: "Treat you like the first lady, put my Barack in ya."

Come on Juelz, you were already a damn lame. You sucked before you came at the president like that.. so why don't you go ahead and sit your bandana wearing ass down... and you can say that shit in the booth, but you know DAMN well that you wouldn't say that shit to his face, and that is why you, Juelz, suck.

So, P and Jue, you must stop mixing up disrespect and giving props, cause they are not one n the same. Just like "baddest bitch," and "wifey" aren't compliments...Consider yourselves warned.

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