Current (and not so current) Events

So I figure I would give my thoughts on some recent and not so recent ongoings in this country.

1. Chris Brown and Rihanna: I'm so sick of women beating women and women saying things like "but you know island women are crazy," "you don't know what she did," "women do be doing dumb shit sometimes, you never know" I mean I'm crazy too... and I have little cousins who are crazy, and even if they ran off at the mouth at me and hit me.. I would be dead wrong to make those kinds of marks on their faces. Based on brute strength alone, a man need not for any reason or with any exception attack anyone like that. I hope his crazy ass is in counseling.. And I hope that Rihanna is getting the help she needs to avoid battered women's syndrome.

2. Supreme Court nomination. Go Obama! Sotomayor is the bomb. Well I don't know her, but I can imagine that given her experiences in life and on the bench she will be a breath of fresh air. No more Alito or Scalia or Thomas drowning out sense and liberty and civil rights. I don't want a strict constructionist of the constutition. I want someone who understands that with changing times, we must look into the spirit of the law understanding that there are so many issues that we face nowadays that the Founding Fathers could not have imagined in 1787. Also, someone who recognizes that the fact that the laws of this country was created by all white men who promulgated egregious institutions like slavery, means that we have a lot of leeway in making sure that we are all ready free.

3. Tot Mom; Over it

4. Economy: Damn! Damn! Damn! I feel like Florida when she got that telegram. what the hell is going on. I am finally at the point of understanding the root causes of the recession and the credit crisis and all of that. What I don't understand is where my damn tax dollars are going if GM is still laying off EVERYBODY and dealerships are closing, and credit card companies are hiking up rates and I really just want to shake every person in a corner office and tell them.. You, sir/madam, suck! You suck because you have pillaged the people of the United States with your unfair practices and now you are robbing us through stimulus funds. It's like the guy who comes to fix your plumbing, gives a low estimate, breaks more shit instead of fixing the problem and THEN makes you pay more to fix the stuff he broke. Then you realize he was damn liar and nothing was broken in the first place till he came into your crib, and you could have unclogged the drain with a plunger. Damn.

5. Grade Inflation is up and actual knowledge is going down! Congrats No Child Left Behind, but in other news my principal said that our test scores were pretty good. Between 89=91 per cent of students in 7th grade passed the CRCT YES! These are preliminary scores, but I can't wait to break it down for myself.

6. I am not one for censorship, but I do think it is problematic that musicians are not forced to create CLEAN versions of their songs.. I mean, I don't want my child listening to an edited version of these nasty ass songs. Let's take Weezy.. He is a huge problem.. but the idea that you would release a song with the hook "I wish I could fuck every girl in the world" and your solution to clean it up for the radio is to say "I wish I could ..... every girl in the world" That is simply unacceptable. Because each generation IS getting dumber and dumber, but you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what NASTY word goes in there and what that means.
Ick. clearly i am getting old! We need more euphemism in our songs though.

7. American Idol blows. I'm glad Adam didn't win.

8. Lots of blogs suck. ha.

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Tot Mom is in court! She was smiling and touching her hair!!! Tot Mom has a makeover. Her lipstick is a new color. Tot Mom Tot Mom!

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