Work Crush

I fall in and out of love everyday it seems. Okay not love... lust... and something feels wonderful about the school girl crush. I might definitely get fired this year for coming on to my new coworker everyday... I really might. Hot isnt even the word. OMG... I might happen. I already propositioned her... cause.. well i'm nuts. LOL But a work crush is a def reason to get up in the morning.. and go into work nice and chipper... and get a readymade smile on my face. Same reason I always had a crush in school.. I'd choose someone in every single class to have a crush on... and it works... Hopefully I wont stare at her boobs too much..

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identitycrisis said...

I've never had a work crush - probably because of the nature of my work - though I did enjoy the attention of a few who were crushing on me. Maybe that's why I'm always looking for a new job. A crush might hold my attention.

Enjoy your crush but don't get fired.

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