My Neck, My Back

Nah..... not that version!! I hurt my back. My SI Joint is inflamed. I am down for the count. Okay not the entire count, but I couldnt do my fit test today and it hurts to do everything else.. sit, stand, stretch, lie, mastur....ooh wait.. that doesnt hurt LMAO!! Sorry... I know.. you're shaking your head.. my deepest apologies..

What is my SI joint you ask? I am happy to explain...

So basically, the joint where my spine bone connects to my pelvic bone is inflamed.. on both sides.. the ligaments are pulled, the muscles are tight. See.. I not only make you laugh, but this blog educates as well!!

It sucks. I am on anti-inflammatory drugs.. WOMP... I have to rest the muscles.. and ice them... it makes me miserable... I need a massage... I need a new back... anyone got some cartilage and bone I can borrow???

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