And because of that I am going to yoga today!! I realized that it is so important to be accountable to myself the same way i am for those I love. So even though I didn't feel like going to the dentist and I'd rather watch Weeds than yoga... I already got my clean bill of mouth-ic health (is it mouth-ic or mouth-al?)) anyway... and I am on my way to work out because guess what? I love myself sooo much, that I am going to make sure I am taken care of. :-)))

What are you going to do to show yourself you love yourself today :-)??


b.goody said...

I haven't done yoga in a few days, and I feel terrible about it. I'm back on the routine as soon as I get home. Yay for taking care of yourself!
I showed myself that I loved me today by speaking my mind-even though it hurt someone else's feelings. My honest thoughts had to come out.

identitycrisis said...

Thanks for this post. I've made working out a priority and fit it into my day for the last 14 days. I was struggling to fit it in today since I have a dentist appointment and work until pretty late. I was feeling pretty bad about it but decided to love myself enough to take a rest day. Plus going to the dentist is also self-care. I'll be back in the gym in the morning though. Maybe tonight, if I'm not too tired.

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