It's amazing how the concept of home changes. I love Chicago and the city will always be home, but each time I visit it feels different. I guess it is a good sign that where I spend the majority of my time is becoming where I want to be.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE being in Chicago. I love going down the streets where I grew up. Eating Harold's, getting some Fannie May, enjoying some chili con queso and maybe some stuffed pizza.. if I can swing downtown, I might even get some Garrett's.

No one place will conjure the fond memories of nostalgia than the skyline and the Sears Tower, and my HS and the lakefront. The old buildings on the South Side or the fun of crisscrossing through the Northside to have a good time. Lincoln Park Zoo and the Museum campus will always sing so sweetly to me, but having lived a few different places, I know that home is something that I must create.

Home is the feeling I get when I open my door to my apartment and realize that it is all mine. Home is where I smile sweetly as I hop into my car to drive to see the people I love. Home is so many different moments and emotions that fill my heart. Home is even my classroom, because it holds my future and the future of the country. I put my house keys in my classroom door AT LEAST 10 times a year LOL. That's devotion. But that's home. Home is where your heart flutters and your soul beats and when I think of home.. sometimes... I think home might just travel with me.

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