An Open Letter to

Mr. Michael Baisden,

I abhor you. Why? Because while listening to you on the radio, you come off as a regular guy with some sense. You seem to be a Black Disc Jockey that spares us the ignorance of Steve Harvey or Ricky Smiley. You are not a comedian, you don't bore us with your unfunny nonsense, or offend me with crude jokes and gutter prank calls. But as I have continued to listen to your show, I have become disgusted because you have managed to throw in offensive commentary that makes no sense and actually furthers the dumbness in our community today. The worst part being, many people accept you as an expert opinion, giving more validity to your bs.

I listened to your show one day about paternity issues. Okay, interesting. I decided to tune in. Issues of paternity are definitely topical and surely affect many people in our lives. So you began talking about women who don't tell me the truth about who the father of their child is or could be. I totally agree Mike, those chics are grimy. I mean for real, in that small window of conception you know the paternity possibilities; fess up.

However, you took a completely wrong turn when you started dissing brothers who are taking care of children that aren't theirs. You said they are fools and need to stop taking care of children that aren't their biological children. You entertained and encouraged dumb women who called in upset at their sons/cousins/brothers/etc who are currently taking care of children that do not look like them, or who continue to support children who have been proven to not be their biological children. You even went so far as to say that God makes the baby look like the father, so that the man can know who his child is. After all the mother already knows that it's her child, so if the baby doesn't look like the man he needs to stop being dumb and get that paternity test.

To quote Dr. Huxtable- "That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life!"

Have you ever seen Kim Fields and her mother? Michelle Obama and her mom?? Both women look just like their mothers and I don't think we need to question the intelligence of their fathers raising them or the validity of their paternity. Children in the same family look like one or both parents or a mixture of the two. Even Maury discredits that damn "He don't look like me" bullshit. Gimme a break.

But even still. Even if a man finds out a child is not his, what should he do? BOUNCE? Should he leave the child out there to grow up as another fatherless black kid? The Black family has been fluid since slavery, hell I got play cousins and play sisters and we all know who we biologically belong to. It is a disgrace whenever we try to shame anybody out of taking care a child, because it don't look like him. How is that the right thing to do? How does that make you a fool to take care of a child who needs a father? How can we support women who are mad at their husbands for continuing to take care of kids that they were once a father figure to, if not their biological fathers. Your comments supported the further disintegration of the black family and for that you get a big fat WOMP. Men cry in the dark, but so do kids who are left by their fathers. They also fight in school, and find themselves locked up because they wonder what is so wrong with them that their daddy doesn't want them. And if a man is willing to step in to heal that wound and support that child, how could that possibly be negative or a dummy move on his part. You suck.

That was strike one. Strike 2 and 3 came when I read this post:

Michael Baisden is a Misogynist Pig

I don't even need to comment. I wish a muthafucker would say just lay there. You don't have a say cause I want some right now. And you don't even believe that because if your daughter was that wife... you wouldn't insist she lay down and take it. Or Mr. Baisden maybe you are that much of a d-bag.

So Mr. Baisden, I wish you well, but I can no longer listen to your show. I can no longer choose to support someone who supports ideals that go against all of the things that I stand for and who advocates for nonsense that hurts others, be it women or children. I hope you see the light, I hope you have a change of heart. Until then, you, along with R. Kelly and Chris Brown have lost a listener because oppression is oppression and I am against it.




Anonymous said...

I don't think that he was saying that men shouldn't take care of kids that aren't there own.

There is a difference between a man making a conscience effect to want to take a child that isn't his. When he already knows that the child isn't his and he makes a choice to still take care of the child is different then a man being trick into taking care of child by a women telling him that the child is his.

Taking care a child that is not yours should be choice. When I woman lies to a man and tell him that the child is his just because she knows he's a good man and could finacially support the child, is wrong and triffling.

As far the other other blog. People who commented on that blog didn't even hear the show and seem to just have issues with men. What he say was that if his women didn't want to have sex, that he would not force her, but he would let her know that she would not have to do alot of work if they did because he will be willig to do all of the work. It funny but I comment on that blog and my comment wad erase when I told the truth about women who get together and talk about men's penis size and sex like the movie Waiting to Exhale.

Spiderlgs said...

No, on the first show that I heard and listened to for the entire drive home, he said that men were fools if they took care of children that were not theirs. A woman called about her brother taking care of a child that he knows is not his after he got a paternity test and Michael Baisden said he was dumb and he needed to get his priorities in order.

I agree, tricking a man into raising a child who isnt his dishonorable and immoral. But, if My brother had a half asian baby with a black girl, and he decided to take care of the baby, after getting a paternity test and finding out it wasnt his, or deciding that he didnt want to know because he would love the baby either way. I would love that baby like my own and not for a second disgrace his decision.

And the ridiculousness of Baisden's comments in radio show 1, made it believable that he meant what the author said in radio show 2.. so im over him. And I didnt read the comments, but from the post alone, its egregious!

Thanks for your opinion though, i definitely loved your insights into the interpretation of his comments.

Anonymous said...

I'm been listening to Mike for over 5 years, that was not the first time that he did a show about paternity test. That was about the 20th time that he has done that show. I've pretty heard all of them. Juan D and George Willborn are raising their wives other children that are not thiers. George's wife had a daughter when he meet her and so did Juan D wife and Mike never dogged them out for raising children that are not theirs. Mike has also done plenty of shows praising step parents and how hard their job is.

He was criticizing the dishonesty and the fact that the woman was lying about a child being his and by lying, she didn't give them the freedom to choose.

You are entitle to your opionions, but so is Mike. You would proprably love a child after knowing that it wasn't your brother's child, but a lot people wouldn't. I personally would have a problem with a women tricking my brother into financially supporting a child that she knew that it wasn't his. You seem to be putting down the men, but how about the women who certainly is setting some poor examples for the child.

How about when the child grows up and feels confused because he/she may want to know who their real father. You should critize the woman not the man. It would be nice if he continue to support and love the child after learning that it wasn't his, but he certainly would be in his right not to want to support the child.

I did hear show #2 and I also read the blog. I think that the person who started the blog seems to have some problems with sexuality and men and took Mike's comment out of context. She even said that she didn't hear the entire show. As a matter of fact the show was not about rape or forcing women into having sex. The show topic was "People Using Sex as a Weapon". For example if a woman says to her man "if you don't buy me a gucci bag, I'm not going to give you sex". That is wrong. Sex should not be used as a weapon.

I felt that the blogger had issues with sexuality and men because she stated a comment that sex is suppose to be perform only to have children and not as an expression of your love for your mate.

Again, I do respect your opinon and your choice not to listen to Mike, but I personally feel that his comments get taken out of context.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2, I am not the same Anonymous as the above comment. If you don't have a google or other accounts you have to post as Anonymous.

I agree with you. Mike goes to overboard and he's sexist and has no respect for women. He's been with a Puerto Rican lady from New Jersey/New York area for over 6 years but he claims that he's in a relationship with a woman name Big Sexy. I know the Puerto Rican lady through a friend of mine who also lives in New Jersey. I guess that is why he is always giving Latinos shout outs.

From what I understand, him and the Puerto Rican lady are off and on because if Mike don't act right she will break it off so I guess that is when he goes to Big Sexy. I personally don't see what these women see in his sexist behind.

What really got to me was when he claimed that he was raising Big Sexy son. What example is he setting for her son. He has another women and is playing his mother. What a creep.

Anonymous said...

I love Michael Baisden and so does all of his thousands and thousands of listeners. That's why we follow him on facebook and twitter. You ppl are just a few compared to that. Keep hatin' haters!!! There's always ppl who will put down the good others are doing!!!

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