Mission Statement

My life has needed guidance. I have been taking some time to think about the life that I want and the principles that I need to follow to live that vision. My mission statement is below- something for me to constantly refer to and help me remember who I am and where I am going. This uses broad terms to guide my life.. Next step is the concrete action plan for people to forgive and engage, activities to do to take care of myself, traits I need to work on. Just sharing a part of my journey.

Mission Statement of Life

My mission is to love myself completely and fully accepting any and all doubts as a part of my natural journey.

My goal is to share my authentic self openly and fully with others.

I serve others as a way of showing my appreciation for the abundance in my life.

I nurture myself daily, weekly, and monthly in small in large ways to honor the value I see in myself.

I celebrate the god that I see in others, remembering that we are here to love and be loved and that judgment is futile.

I work to understand my family, friends, students and colleagues in a genuine way reserving judgment and pledging to meet them where they are.

I fully and continually honor my commitments to relationships, organizations, and causes that are important to me.

I uplift all negative thoughts and emotions and I pledge to retire the story of who I am, because the possibilities for my growth are limitless.

I live my potential and nurture my vision for life.

And so it is.

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identitycrisis said...

I *LOVE* this. It is so well-written and inspiring. It's like you wrote one for me as well. Enjoy the journey. I look forward to the lessons you share along the way.

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