Boot Camp... FINISHED

I finished my 30 day boot camp. I worked out.. I did the damn thing... I showed up even when it rained and even when I hated it. I was super excited that I finished everyday! And today was bootcamp graduation. I went with Snuggnut and had a great time! Two free glasses of wine... and good conversation later... I won The CONE!!! I am the greatest camper LOL Awesome... It was signed by the coaches.. and I felt really proud and accomplished... Life is good..

Oooh.. Ooooh.. And to prove that that damn thirty days was worth something.. I slipped into my Skinny JEANS!! no, not skinny leg... those jeans I put in a rubbermaid container years ago cause I realized that trying to squeeze in them every few weeks was futile.. .But I had them on!! :-)

YAY.. GO me... AND I will hit my 25th workout in 30 days tomorrow.. to complete ANOTHER thing on my 101 list.. BOOYOW! How you like me now!

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