A Calling

You know, I never knew what a calling was or really understood when people talked about what they were "called" to do. I never had an AHA moment when I was drawn into a career or a hobby, as if pulled by gravity. But I was thinking about it and your calling, your purpose in life comes so naturally that it is not work, it is not difficult, and it you do not second guess yourself.
That's when I realized that teaching is my calling.

When I am in front of my class, I have no fear, no anxiety and I do not second guess myself. I don't question my next movement or what would be the best. I just know. It comes from a place in me that is in complete peace. I am not concerned whether the kids like me nor am I worried about my reputation. I am patient (kinda), at peace and without any insecurity. I am like a fish in water.

That is why through budget cuts and administrative bs, I never have thought of searching for a new job. I have never imagined leaving the classroom, because what else can I do, but what I am called to do? The excitement and challenge that comes with being in front of my students, and teaching them the things they need to know, both for the test, and for their lives,... that's where my magic happens.

Are there tough days? Yes. But every day is filled with joy. Filled with a smile and an energy that fulfills me completely. There is a reason that I keep going back. That I return again and again.. and why I continue to strive to do my best.

There is a peace in knowing I have found my calling. Finding that peace has also allowed me to know what to look for in the other facets of my life. A calm, a warmth, an ease that reminds me why a life is so important to be lived.

Where do you feel that peace? Where do you feel like you are exactly where you are supposed to be?

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