Sunday Funday!

Today was a great sunday. I went to church and heard a wonderful talk about the importance of change and how we have to realize that change is not optional. Change is important, change is the only constant. The talk reiterated my favorite quote "Just when the caterpillar thinks the world is over, it becomes a butterfly." and it made me realize that I have more agency that I think I do when it comes to change. It helped me put into perspective the changes that I am making and working to make. It made me realize that as I grow it is okay to change, and it is important to feel the emotions of change and not be left powerless by them or make me doubt myself in the middle of them. I am strong. I have gone through change before, and made it out alive. I will go through change again and make it then too...

I also met some GREAT people today at church, which made me realize that I have changed more in the past year than I thought I did. The change is coming from the inside out. :-)

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