29 part 1

I had to thank my mom the other day for having insanity be something that was foreign to me as a kid. Growing up my mom said what she meant and meant what she said. If we were going to leave at 7 it was 7. If I was on punishment for 3 weeks.. no less than 21 days would I suffer. It was an unfortunate reality in some ways.. cause I meant that unlike the kids on TV, or in the desks next to me at school, I was never going to be let off any hook.

But it also meant that my birthday parties always happened, I got new shoes and clothes as scheduled and I was rarely left to know that disappointment was a reality... It makes sense that as an adult the one emotion I have struggled with the most has been disappointment... Well I finally found the cure for it...

Cussing bitches out...

I have decided that in, this, my 29th year, I am going to just go off on hoes... If you do me wrong.. you'll hear it clearly and you'll know.

I'ma just let you know how trifling I think you are, how stank your attitude is...and how wack you are so that we can then just keep it moving...   either you'll be with me or not

If you dont wanna make the proper adjustments then roll out.. I got 99 problems and a friend aint gonna be one.. I'll take drama from my girl, i'll even deal with that shit from my mama, or my family... but somebody else? hell to the naw..

In the words of Martin.. Get to steppin!

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