First (and last) time for everything

FROM THE CRATES: 10/10/08... 

On Friday, a friend was in town and she called me to get together.  Where are we going? I thought.. ATL has some of the finest clubs in the country, surely we will be hitting up some hot shit.  Apparently, not.. I was accompanying her to a trip to Follies, on Buford Highway.   Follies? Hmmm.  Yes, it was a strip club.  So, because she is my homie from way back, before I had degrees and shit, I am definitely going to go.  I'd prolly go anywhere to kick it with her, and a strip club could prove interesting.   

As I'm getting dressed, I'm thinking of what to wear, and I end up throwing on a t-shirt and jeans cause I mean.. like anyone will be looking at me anyway.  On the ride over, I'm thinking about all of the TV footage I've seen of strip clubs, from music videos to movies, and all I can think is it might not be so bad to see some chics with bad ass bodies, taking off their little costumes and swinging up and down poles.  This might be titillating to say the least.   

When I arrive, there is a valet (wtf). Why does Atlanta have to make everything a damn cottage industry?  I can park my own f-in car. I have a license.  But whatever.. So I pull up and he says.. "Uh, you got a male escort?  Cause I doubt they gone let you in if you aint got a male escort."  How sexist is that? Like I couldn't of my own volition want to see some sexy ladies? Whatever. I tell him I got a friend inside, he commands me to call him if I want any chance to get in. So I call my homie, she comes out with one of the male friends that dragged her there.. and I get into the club.  

I walk through the doors, and immediately think I must have walked in on the set of a BET Uncut video.  I mean its just naked and half naked chics everywhere.. Nothing is sexy, nothing titillating, nothing I wanted anywhere near me. Ever.   Immediately I understood why I couldn't come in with an escort... I might be an escort trying to take some of the change away from these ladies...   Everywhere I look someone has a neon or flourescent costume moved up or down, depending on what the guy was paying to see. There was a huge runway in the middle of the club with three poles on each side and the women there were not in anyway athletic or performers..  It was just ass and titties shaking and bouncing in the face of whatever man had the money.. Maybe the saddest part was that there were so few men there who were offering dollars... so it just seemed...depressing

As my friend and I sat at the bar catching up, we tried our best to not show any judgment in our eyes.. not to look shocked or surprised at the lap dances, half nakedness or obscene booty shaking around us. "Just look like you are enjoying the show."  It's hard not to look at someone with sorrow, when they are trying to make money and no one is paying.. its like being at an open mic, where someone is singing but no one is listening. Just plain embarrassing.  

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