Curiosity killed the cat..

My natural curiosity leads me to wonder why most things are the way they are, from the flowers blooming to how hurricanes form, to whether animals get as lazy during rain as most humans do. 
I also ask Why a lot when it comes to people acting the way they do... as if the Why will change the I'm pissed portion..
Well I'm done with that... I am going to control my brain to no longer entertain questions of why... Why was she funny acting? Why doesn't she speak?  Why can't she be courteous and call? Why is she such a bitch?  Why does she say one thing and do another? 
Why? Why? Why?   That question is dead to me.. The next question is... What am I gonna do about it?   If the answer is nothing.. keep it moving.. on the next one... if its something.. then make that happen.. but the why is foolywang.. and I'm over it! 

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