Janet Jackson!!!!

Janet Jackson is performing on the AMAs tonight. If you know me, you know I love Janet Jackson. I love janet more than any other celebrity.
She is the only celebrity I google stalk (well I google stalk Michelle Obama, but its not as ridiculous cause I learn alot by google stalking the first lady.. I mean it's actually current events.. one might even call it cerebral) Anyway.. I google stalk Janet.. before Google.. I bought every single magazine Janet was EVER in..including Architectural Digest, when her Malibu home was shown. I heart Janet for so many reasons.. because she puts on a good show, because her songs vary in their topic, and I'm sure everyone has a favorite Janet Jam.

I think I would probably pass out were I ever to meet Janet Jackson in person, but it's on the top of my wish list. And with all my Janet-palooza of the past few weeks... Beginning with her interview on GMA and ending today with her AMA performance... It made me think about the reason why I became a janet fanatic.

It all started so so many years ago, when I was jammin to Rhythm Nation 1814 and found a song called "Lonely" on the B-side.. (ahh good ole cassettes). Have you ever read or heard anything and wondered how that person had read your thoughts? Been freaked out that someone could know exactly how you feel and put it into words that you have never known how to express.. Well that's what I got when I read the words to "Lonely" in the liner notes (aside.. digital media that makes me miss getting a new album and l
aying on my bed reading all the liner notes and being sad when they didn't have all of the words to the songs).

Anyway.. that moment is when I realized Janet is someone I should mess with... And she continued to crank out hits that made me feel great.. one day I skipped school so I could watch my janet. vhs, and I learned the whole "You Want This" video that day. I am excited for the opening in 13 minutes... and though it sounds super lame... I'm grateful that I found those liner notes, and glad that my obsession made me feel less lonely when I was an adolescent. I think knowing how good it feels to realize you are not alone, and to know that at least someone understands you, is what makes me so good with my students, so open to listen to them when they are upset, and concerned about them when they just don't seem themselves...

Alright enough.. GO JANET!!! 12 mins and counting


Melanie! said...

i like ur blog. i tried to follow but u don't have a follow button :/



Spiderlgs said...

Thanks for the compliment! I'll definitely check your blog out.. I have a follow button now! :-)

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