soooo I was going to post tonight but realized I would be whining about the same wack stuff.. waa waa waaa Spidey wants new friends.. waa waa waa.. teaching is hard.. waa waa waa.. I'm not sure if I am reaching my potential.. yadda yadda yadd but who wants to hear that again.. so I figured I'd flip the script for my 2 and a half readers... and do something I haven't done in a while.. make a list of random ish I heart!!!

1. Til Debt Do U$ Part... a show about broke folks getting un-broke!

2. Kelly Clarkson.. that white girl can sang.. goodness gracious. My fave song is "Because of You" and "Breakaway" oooh yeah and "Since You've Been Gone" and "Already Gone!" okay I love them all.. She is what American Idols are supposed to be.. Unlike that damn Rubben Studdard.. He should be sorry for 2004 and 5 and 9. I bet his mama is sorry cause they still broke. Anyway.. K-Clark is da bomb! her videos-

3. Dru Hill.. those boys can SANG! I feel bad though cause I barely know anything about the members of this group.. I mean there is Sisqo of course, then Big Man (who is surprisingly agile as seen in the "Sleeping in My Bed (Remix)" video, Dark skin dude and Nokio (who really did turn it out on the "You are Everything (Remix)" (N-O-K-I-O Baby!!)) and did you know that N.O.K.I.O. stands for Nasty On Keys In Octave?? WHAT? idk either.

Anyway.. they are coming to ATL in some kinda come back tour type Blast from the Past ish.. I'll be there. Until I just noticed the tickets cost 93 dollars.. HAHAHAHAHAHA yeah right.

4. Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan (the Snuggnut fave) and Euphoria by Calvin Klein.. ahh I get compliments whenever I wear them.. soo smellicious!

5. Waffle fries from Chic-Fil-A

6. Advice Columns- I love Ask Amy, The Ethicist and Dear Abby (even though her advice is usually super wack).. but it's interesting to see what random (white) folks think should be done in random situations.. its also hilarious to see what situations cause some folks problems. I mean "my brother acts crazy at every family event, how can I control him without hurting his feelings?... Easy.. forget his feelings.. cuss him out! Naaah,. just kidding.. kinda.

7. I also love Geekologie -my new favorite site!! From dumb stuff I dont have a clue about, to dumber stuff that I love.. this pleases me everyday. I love that it's on my Google Reader.

8. I love Google Reader... I love that I can go one place and see when all of my fave sites are updated... yay Google. even though i do fear how much google knows about me... but lets be real. every one knows everything about everyone these days.

9. I love Niecy Nash.. she's so hood but soo loveable! I would kick it with Niecy any day of the week.. i would roll with her anywhere.. She's like that ignant cousin that you can't get enough of!!

10. I love that everyone cool has a blog these days!!!

11. Ooh i thought of a real number 10.. I clearly did a generic one cause I couldn't think of an idea.. but i LOVE the movie School of Rock.. if you haven't seen it.. I mean who are you.. its on TBS every month like 5 times. I am watching it for the 3rd time this school year.. and if you have seen it and don't like it.. who are you??? this movie is the best. Jack Black is HILARIOUS!! so that's my vote for movies that make ya feel good.. every single time.

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b.enchanted said...

OMG you know Hoarders is my junk! I heart that disgusting show and those disgusting people. Dead cats, I felt bad for them. Did you see the ep where the woman wouldn't throw away food? I'm talking 5 year old yogurt!
I was so gonna post on this icky topic, but you've taken care of it. Thanks :)

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