Hoarders and the future of our nation.

I think i have already posted about this... but Hoarders is my show.. It's a profile of people who hoard stuff and thus their homes are unlivable and so are their lives. It's a sensational show, but it always makes me sad because their lives must be so awful when they live like that. I don't know if there is such thing as a happy hoarder. This lady today lost her dentures in the hoard. She also had 2 dead cats in her hoard.. She also had a bathroom full of excrement because her toilet was broken for..... 6 years. I feel bad. Her daughter was crying. Her son was unattached. I realize I know some pseudo hoarders and i just hope their lives don't end up as empty as this lady right here.. cause I love y'all but I am not cleaning up your 8000 pounds of crap. Thank you

Now on to the future of our nation..
according to my students:

The Pilgrims came to the Americas for corn and to celebrate.
The flag has 51 stars because there are 51 states... Panama, Mexico, Canada are all possibilities for the 51st state.. they aren't sure.
50% of my students plan on voting at 18... some are jaded by the process already. One wants to vote for McCain... ha. The others will only vote if they can vote for Obama.. sorry shawties.. no chance.
Benjamin Franklin invented the kite, and was the 18th president

hahahaha.. Hoarders and my children intrigue me for every different, yet similarly tragic reasons. Another great day at work tomorrow.

:-) <----me at 4:10 today. :-( <---me at 6:30am tomorrow when the alarm goes off.

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