101 in 1001 Update #1

Okay, so my 101 in 1001 hasn't been super productive.

#82. I deleted my MySpace, which was definitely necessary. Though not on my list, I have done a good job of cultivating my relationships with my mentees.

#43. I have also joined some MeetUp groups in hopes that I will meet my new homies, but I haven't been to those events yet.. sooo its in the beginning stages. One of the meetings is a book club meeting for Hill Harper's The Conversation, which I definitely don't want to read, so I'm trying to decide if it's worth it as a means to an end.

#74 and #7 Today I am on my way to get some stationery so that I can get my letters out to my PenPals.. and I am super excited about this. I have always loved writing letters and feel like I might write some letters to different folks, not just my cross the world penpal.. so you may have one coming to you. I also am getting thank you cards, so I can have the available to write when have a service I appreciated. Regarding gratitude, I did leave an excellent survey for the guys who helped me get my phone working at the Sprint store. But that doesn't count... gotta do a bonafide thank you.

#36. I am also going to do some volunteer work tomorrow and prolly Monday. I am thinking of changing my Volunteer goal to volunteer 101 hours, because that's more manageable and means long term volunteer vs. just 3 saturdays in one month. I think that's more geared toward my goals. That will be modified after this post.

#34. I have written one creative writing prompt, and I think i am going to add more to it. I realize I like writing about myself... and not making up characters.. but I will probably do 10 of each, to expand myself. I make my students do all kinds of writing, so I am going to attempt to do all of the things that I have them too. That will better my craft as an educator too. I shared my one prompt with one person. also.. def in progress, harder than I thought though. I'll continue this.. and wholeheartedly so I won't rush.

I am also thinking about which goal I will coordinate with the New Year. I would love to see what goals my friends have for the future, cause I still have 19 spaces to fill on my list and would love some worthwhile things to accomplish.

Life! :-)

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identitycrisis said...

So I had all of this stuff to comment on when I first read this post but after reading your 101 things, I was too tired. Just wanted to say that you inspired me to actually write to my friends. I've been thinking of doing it for a while because it's so different from any other form of communication. The other day, I actually bought some really cute note cards and envelopes. I hope to get the first out within the next 24 hours.

Oh and I just picked up The Conversation from the library. womp.womp.

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