Eat. Pray. Love.

Or better yet, Sustenance.

Today, I went to see Eat Pray Love with two of my lovies and it was the best ever. It was an experience that made me really think about my life, about the lessons I need to learn, about devotion and about how well I am feeding myself in those three areas. It took me back into myself in a way the last month of craziness has distracted me from.

First, Julia Roberts is so cute. Second, as she wandered through those countries I wondered when the last time I put myself out of my comfort zone. When was the last time I stepped outside my box and found something new to enjoy... and I realize.. I do that alot. I allow myself to follow a whim and enjoy the moment. I feel the discomfort and then let it work for me.

I thought about how awesome my life is and how working on me has paid off. I think I still struggle with falling to hard and believing things that aren't real, but I have to understand that that's just me... .I h ave to forgive myself and I have to just be glad that my emotions are true and my heart is open.

I need to slow down and savor the small moments and cherish those things dear to me.. because I do think that life is in the small moments..

I felt so emotionally connected to the scenes and the messages and the moments that I must see it again. I need to own it.. I need to just enjoy each frame and each scene and smile and cry as I need to. And at the end know that just like Elizabeth Gilbert.. I'm ready to crossover :-)

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Tiko said...

Again...all I can say is...AMAZING!

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