Life, I wonder

Will it take me under?

Nope, not at all.

On the brink of a new school year, I always like to take time to reflect. A lot has changed in my life in the past few months, and things have changed drastically in the past 12. I look at my life and I am happy with it. I have a wonderful apartment. I have a good group of friends; I work with a great group of teachers. I have developed a strong spiritual practice that has become the foundation of my life.

The most important things that I reflect on right now are some things that I have come to know as true.

1. It's not about me. Other people's feelings, reactions, actions, decisions and preferences are not about me. They are not based in the things I did. They are not my fault.

2. I am responsible for me. I am responsible for the decisions I make, the perspective I have and the beliefs that I have. I am responsible for my emotions and that is a great power and responsibility.

3. My emotions and feelings are NOT who I am. Emotions are an illusion. There is no situation where I HAVE to feel a certain way, and there is always a time for me to decide how I am going to handle my feelings. I am not sadness or depression or anxiety. I am not an anxious, depressed or anxious person.. I am a person who has feelings and who can accept them and release them just as simply..

Number three should be number 1 because it has been so powerful in determining how I live my life moment to moment. I am no longer crippled or halted by bad news or disappointment because I can always focus my beliefs on what I know to be true. The truth is that I am a reflection of God, so there is nothing in this earth that can overwhelm me or take me under. i know that I am love and so I love myself because I am happy with who I am.

As I move into this new school year, I am focused on being more positive and being more understanding that some decisions are tough decisions but they must be made. My intuition is God speaking to me and so I have to listen because by listening I can avoid myself drama.

I am grounded, yet not self centered. I am in love with my life and no whim, decision, moment or afternoon can change that because my core is strong and will not be swayed by the winds of life.

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