If you haven't weight problems I feel bad for you son, i got 159 problems but my butt aint one. (Oh shut up Bran. I can hear you) That's my rhyme. I weighed myself and I weight 159 lbs. BUT I just did it while i was eating, after work and with jeans and my sweater on.. and I think im ovulating (tmi) so I'm prolly bloated!! Okay forget the BS.. i'm just glad I'm not at my fattest.

I went grocery shopping today. I got lots of healthy goodness.. NO junk.. not even a little. I ate trail mix for a snack at work and threw out the M&Ms and you know how I LOVE me some M&Ms. I am just ready to feel good. I dont even think this is so much about the weight, because as I said, with these extra few pounds.. shorty got a dunk for real for real.. Im just sick of being tired and sick of getting winded and feeling my thighs ache on steps. I'm ready to get my body back to where it needs to be.

Join me!!


identitycrisis said...

Major props for being bold enough to post your weight. Looks like our goals are about the same. I'm about 159 without the clothes, bloating and food and I'm trying to get to 140. I think i just might be able to post mine... maybe by this weekend.

b.enchanted said...

At the risk of being an editing junkie, it is "having," not "haven't" boo.

Who the heck is Bran?

T said...

How in the hell did you throw out the M&Ms? THE M&Ms? Man, I can't even do it. I'd rather not eat the trail mix. So kudos to you.

I had string cheese for a snack today. I am starving myself and exercising hard until inauguration (on some Clair Huxtable I need to get into this dress type stuff). And then after inauguration, I'll start eating junk again, but pick up the gym schedule.

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