1. I finished a book already.. :-) So I am done with my book for January. Baby Proof was great. I enjoyed it.. wasnt the best book ever, but it kept me interested enough that sometimes it would run across my mind and I would wish I had the book so I could continue the story.

2. I am still 159 even with the boozing of the past 10 days.. and the aforementioned fast will start on Sunday.

3. Def have been late to work on so many occasions. I think I am going to put something up on my wall at work that says "___ days since you were late to work." Like those signs they have at factories counting their accidents..

4. I watched less tv.

Overally, I am totally chillin this weekend, between Inaugurating with the Obamas, and kickin it with my kids, I have been exhausted, soooo I am in the house this weekend, watching Big Love and drinking.. (until the fast) :-)

What are you up to this weekend?

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b.enchanted said...

Hey, I've finished my January book as well. I will be done with a second one probably by tomorrow. Something Borrowed is next, thanks to you.
I've been late to work too. I think my on time record has been 4 days, lol.

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