Bienvenidos a 2009!

So it is a new year. Yay! All of the excitement that comes with an opportunity to renew ourselves. I am making a list of attainable goals. Cause i really gotta get my work out game going so I actually do it and continue to do it. I feel like everytime i start working out.. seriously... I get sick.. just when I am in the groove where I love it. I get sick.. and damn can't work out.. always some sort of breathing thing that would make working out the worst thing ever. Either way my thighs are sticking together and that shit aint cute. Not even a little. I mean the Boo doesn't mind.. don't get me wrong,but I aint got the time or energy or funds to be buying new clothes and all of that shit. But the new year has started off to a decent start. The stress of going back to work is swimming all in my head. So I am just tyring to enjoy these last few days, do a little work and have fun with the babe.

There are so many things I wanna do this year so that at the end of the 2009, I can say.. HELL YEAH this was the shit, and life happens, but you have to make it crack for yourself.

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identitycrisis said...

UGH! I finally decided to go to the gym after work two days a week. I went Tuesday night and was all set to go last night. Then around 3:00pm I started feeling a little feverish and got a scratchy throat. Now my throat is completely jacked. Why does that always happen?

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