How do you get a black girl to go green?

I need to start recycling. I feel like such a bum because I dont recycle because I cant throw all my recyclables in one bag like you can in Chicago when ya get the blue cans. I like it in Chicago. You just throw recyclables in this one.. food and ish in the other.. great. Done.. Take it out just the same. You have done your deed for society. i dont even recycle even though I saw An Inconvenient Truth (which SOMEONE slept through despite how riveting and informative it was!!!). So I vow by February 14 (gotta wait for the next pay check to get the new cans) I will be recycling all my stuff and aiding the nation.

So my question is, do you recycle? Do you take your own bags in the grocery store? HAve you switched your bulbs to energy efficient? What are you doing to go green?? I'm trying my best to go green. JOIN ME!!


boogie said...

i do use energy efficient bulbs, i recycle and for the most part unplug any un-used electronics...with the exception of the comp...a MAJOR electricity consumer! i can't remember to take re-usable bags to the grocery...i ALWAYS forget!

since i just moved, my TV Is not plugged in b/c i don't have cable access. now that i am in a city with good public transportation...guess what?! i almost strictly rely on it!

T said...

I do recycle. I was in Earth Drs. in college. I LOVE the environment and have done so since before it was cool. I'm glad it's cool now though.

Throwing a can in the trash feels like eating a brownie when you're on a diet. I do it sometimes, but I just feel WRONG.

When I remember I also take bags to the grocery store to prevent the plastic. I don't own a car, so that's helping my carbon footprint right there and that's about all I have on the environment.

When those green bulbs start being cheaper than the regular bulbs, I'll buy em.

Brown Sugah said...

The City of Atlanta recycles, so yes I set my recycalbes out with my trash every week...actually we are in a recession now, so they only pick up the recyclables every other week. I use the bags at the grocery store. I only have one energy efficient bulb though, and I stole it from my mom's house, but it is the light that I use the most :-)

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