Okay, so i am 4 days into the fast and I have lost 4 pounds! 4 days of no cheese, no milk, no butter, no chicken, no fish, no shrimp, no ground turkey, no nothing LOL but its going well. I am not REALLY missing it.. except for the no-booze. Teaching makes it so that there is nothing more relaxing after the end of a tough tough day than a glass of wine, or a rum and coke, on the couch with some American Idol.

I am currently reading The Giver. I am trying to grade papers. My co-teacher hasnt come to work in 3 days.. well she did, but she left early today... and told me she wont be in tomorrow. yadda yadda.. meanwhile I have tons of papers to grade. Not so sure what my kids are going to do this weekend. I just need some sleep.

A good nights sleep. So I'm gonna try to crawl into bed early tonight. G'night.

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