SO I was looking in my senior book and stumbled upon my What's Hot and What's Not list.
Among the hot- Mariah Carey. Among the not- "Movable butterfly clips" <-remember that shit.? womp So I figure I would refresh it for 2k9. off the top of my head


Tyra Bank's Real Hair
Janet Jackson performing "Scream"
Tina Landon dancing with Janet
ANTM for Short Girls (even though its without me!)
Nigel Barker (HOT)
Esquire Mag
"I'm not gonna write you a love song" <-i love it
crushed ice
dress down fridays.
Whitney is Back

So you think you can dance
rainy days everyday in ATL!!
LOL Smiley Face
That song that goes.."Forget about your boyfriend and meet me at the hotel room" womp
Mariah carey
Nancy Grace
Prank Phone Calls on Rickey Smiley
ashy ankles
Celebrity Blogs

anything you wanna add?

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b.enchanted said...

working out
natural hair
gchat at work
Panera U-Pick-2
Michelle Obama
living in Hyde Park
Heineken Light

anything Tyra
Megan Fox
Reality TV (even though I love it)
Hammer pants,Hammertime (tv show),anything MC Hammer
buying anything full price

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