1. Why was there a chic in the club with braids ala Brandy ? She inspired us to bust into the dance from "I Wanna be Down" right next to her.

2. Why would anyone have blue and purple paint with glitter in circular designs around her eyes?

3. Why would she then decide to accompany that with blue and purple inch long eyelashes?

4. Why do SGRhos think that anyone is hating on them? I mean fact is fact, and aint nothing wrong with stating that.

5. Why do people still smoke and then get offended when you give them the side eye? IF someone pointed their tailpipe in my face and hit the exhaust, I'd kick their ass. You sir, with the cigarette, are getting off easy.

6. Why is Jadakiss as hard as it gets?

7. Why is it still appropriate for anyone to have for real bonafide designed cornrows after the age of 7?

8. Why do people get airbrushed RIP t-shirts/hoodies/sweatsuits/caps? you bet not ever put my airbrushed mug on anything!

9. Why is Black TV so HORRIBLE? I mean come on.. It's awful. After Living Single we aint got much else to watch.

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b.enchanted said...

Give me one guess as to where you were when you witnessed 2 and 3...
As for 8- you already know. And I'm using one of you in that Bulls jacket.

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