And Spiderlgs is in bed snoring!! Today we have a day off because it's a floood! So I am mixing the day with productivity and nothing. I was sitting in bed and trying to get some things done and I wonder if you ever have the problem of feeling guilty when you are not being productive even if you need some time to relax... how do you create the balance? Work or play? or both? or neither..

I am doing a little of A and a little of B but i am wondering if I am the only one who struggles with not being productive all the time.

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b.enchanted said...

I doubt it. But the thing is, you shouldn't feel guilty. You're typically not a bum, and you'll be back to work doing doubletime before you know it. Relax. Get on the couch, eat chips all day, and watch some Maury. We won't judge you for it.

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