Devastating News

Yes.. devastating..

My cousin had a baby last year who is my ultimate! I mean I love this little baby girl too much.. I call her even though she cant talk.. and I buy her clothes to keep her fresh in the game.. you know.. she's hot to death... I also refer to her as my daughter.. cause I mean.. why not.. all the perks of saying I have a kid without having to raise one at all LOL..

Neither here nor there..

Here is the devastating news.. My mom comes down to ATL for my graduation and drops the bomb... My sweet little precious baby girl is afraid of.. GET THIS... PEOPLE WITH GLASSES!!!!
what? glasses?
yes.. I heard my mom right.. people with glasses. that includes me. I ALWAYS wear glasses.. faithfully! and when people have on glasses around her.. she cries!! I'ma have to babysit her blind..

here I am.. all winter and fall waiting for the summer when I can play with her and now I cant do it being the real me.. I'm this shell of a me.. with no glasses...

two words....

womp, womp.

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CheckMate said...

from the idiot who didn't tell her best friend congratulations on graduating... CONGRATULATIONS. And i'm sorry about the blindness you'll have to endure, but DO IT FOR THE KIDS!!!

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