Up in the Club!

Last night I was in the club with my girls, juking to the hottest jams. We got in free, which is always nice and had a couple drinks that were overpriced but did the trick. Then I'm dancing doing my thing to some Michael Jackson tunes (pre-litigation of course) and a man comes behind me.. and I'm dancing, he's dancing behind me.. alright cool.. and then I notice something protruding into my back..

Talk about a buzzkill.

Why do guys do this? I mean I know why they do it... clearly, it's a lapdance without having to travel to Strokers or Bodytap and in most cases without having to spend any money cause these dudes are rarely trying to buy drinks. But it's not a nice thing to do, or a gentlemanly thing to do at all. Now, maybe I am just picky and I could be in the minority. There could be a huge population of women who loooove feeling a penis poking into them as they dance.. and even better feeling the guy angle himself and them in the perfect way to better help him with his erection.

But I just can't get past it being kinda icky. Okay Okay, let me not be totally holier than thou.. I have been known to enjoy it when it's one of my suitors or someone I want to be my suitor.. then we can bump and grind all night long boo... But random dudes in the club do not do it for me and I guess the problem is for guys to discriminate between the two. Or maybe they don't care.. any booty is good booty?

Now do not get me wrong.. I love to dance.. and I will dance at the club with guys and we can sway and two step, step, dance close, slow dance, wind, back it up.. all of these things, and be perfectly happy as long as said gentleman can keep the beat and keep himself in check.. self control. It should be kinda embarrasing.. I mean if I'm dancing and my breasts pop out.. im not just going to rub them against folks in the club.. I'm gonna take a step back and handle myself.

Meh. Maybe this is something we can't solve and maybe if I don't want penis protruding into my backside, I should stop being so gosh darn pretty, amazingly sexy and exceedingly fly on the dance floor. Maybe it's a great compliment.. Something like. "Shawtay, you are so hot.. that i want to be intimate with you in any way possible... even if its just this slow grind."

Awww, but on another note, there was this guy in the club last night and I told him I was leaving town in two days so there was no hope for us. And he says the cutest thing. "Well, I want to write you. " Awwwwwwww.. Most dudes cant manage to call when they say, but he wants to write... how heartwarming. Then i remembered that I didn't find him attractive and decided not to waste his time. But that was nice.

There are plenty fish in the sea and the wonderful thing is.. all I need is one!


svg123 said...

Kamaria, maybe you didn't hear that guy correctly and he was actually saying: "I want to RIDE you." Not: "I want to WRITE you"

Nobody "writes" people. But I agree that it would be nice if he did say that.

CheckMate said...

i officially love you for this post--no, let me be more specific: for the "i want to write"/negligible "i want to ride you" commentary

...that was cute?
you better watch what you let warm your heart miss sweet thang ;)

Spiderlgs said...

LOL ride, write.. same shit. ride me write me.. as long as its long and in depth.. i dont care LOL nasty

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