What about your friends?

Right after I graduated high school my cousin asked me who my best friend was? I listed the names of my homies from 7 grade until graduation and he shook his head and said.. "You can only have one best friend.. I bet once you leave for school, you will realize that you only have one." This combined with the common proclomation that "If you have one good friend in life, you are lucky," makes me wonder, am I in denial? I dont think that I am imagining that I have a handful of great friends that I love and love me. Why are people so pessimistic when it comes to friendship? and why do they pass on that pessimism?

I have never just had one friend. Sure as a kid, I had my mandatory best friend who slept over my house and called me on the weekend to go to the movies with her mom, but as I've become any semblance of an adult, i have had a gaggle of friends. Friends who have come and gone, and some who have stuck around.

Granted, I have been burned. I am not untouchable when it comes to confronting the heartache of one of your friends saying something hurtful or untrue behind your back, or simply realizing that someone who you were once close with no longer wants to continue that closeness.. Betrayal and distance suck when it comes to friendship, but does it mean I should be grateful for just one friend who is true. With more than 5 billion people on earth, one friend seems like a shame. Besides we need different friends for different reasons.

I have friends who are soooo much fun to be around that its crazy and we can just hang out all day doing absolutely anything or nothing at all and it is going to be a blast!! The Hangout Homies I call them (im definately making these names up right now, LOL I've never used these terms before and prolly will never use them again).

Then I have friends who I can tell anything. Who I can call crying and know they will be sensitive and supporting, sweet and kind regardless of how silly, immature or insane my dilemma may be. They will be there. They are my Supportive Sistahs and everyone needs someone who will have your back and keep your confidence at all times...

Then of course, the most delightful to me is the Truth Tellers, those friends who will give you the truth straight up all the time, regardless.. if your haircut is ugly, they tell you.. ,if your boyfriend is a mess, they tell you.. if you gained some weight they say... Yes you do look fat in those pants and you are crazy for continuing to call him when he aint calling you back. They will just give it to you straight up.. Like taking a shot, these friends can burn you but make you feel great in the longrun.. These are my favorite cause at least you always know where they stand.. and we always need a dose of reality, which is why these ladies are my Reality Roaddogs!

And then there are those friends who appeal to our darker sides.. Those friends who will make you go out with them drinking even though you have to be up for work at 6:30am. They will convince you to take a puff, when you know you shouldnt.. tell you to call back that guy who you gave your number to a while back.. who is just now getting back to you because he was "upstate" because "it might be fun." Those friends who tell you to hook up with your ex because we all have needs.. And the best part about these friends is that they will be there when their illfated advice goes all wrong.... so you dont feel so bad about it! These women are known as my Peer Pressure Partners!!!

Bottom Line: One friend is not enough.. we all need a bunch of friends to keep it interesting. We can't trust everyone, nor should we and this all comes with a dose of common sense..but make freinds, treat them well, enjoy time spent and be a good friend yourself cause a posse is one of the best treats life has to offer.

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CheckMate said...

make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold!

You're my everything friend spiderlegs!
i love you

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