Red States

When I decided to move to Atlanta, I guess I had the wrong picture in mind. The rap videos conjured up images of a nice nightlife, a good population of black folks, some educated.. and the warm weather that obviously beat out the blistering Chicago winters.

The media fooled me, but I cannot exactly say I was duped into moving here. Looking back I realize I had fair warning. When W. won the election in 2004, I was down here. I watched the results and sat cold, shook by sadness and fear of what was to come.. and anger that more people in this country could not see it. In the poll results, I saw that Illinois, where I am from and Pennsylvania, where I did my four undergraduate years were both boldly blue.. and Georgia, eerily red.

But moving down here that summer, I wasnt thinking about that ominous Tuesday in November. I was thinking hot fun in the summertime, 75% off tuition and fun fun fun. Now, I have to admit that living in a red state is hard for a number of reasons.

1. I see confederate flags all the time. As a black woman, seeing those proud symbols of the Confederacy is difficult. They pop up all the time as bumper stickers, decals and front license plats on cars.. T-shirts and mugs in stores and most disgustingly, outside alot of municipal buildings in the area. I know its the glory of good ol' Dixie, but Dixie and cotton and slavery and chains all kinda run together in my head.. and it does not warm my heart to be confronted with such images.

2. People down here still debate about teaching Creationism...excuse me Intelligent Design..along with evolution in schools. Ummm. NO! Plain and simple, I dont care what your religious background may be, but I do know that those tenets should not be included in our science classes because after all...God is a matter of faith, not the scientific procedure, theory or trial and error. Creationism belongs in church, not schools. As teacher, I will never, ever, ever teach it.

3. This what to do regarding a same sex marriage amendment. In 2004, voters passed an amendment making same sex marriage illegal by a margin of 3-1. A judge overturned the amendment this week on a technicality and now Gov. Sonny Purdue is saying if the appeal to GA Supreme Court is not successful, then there will be a special session of GA legislature called to rectify the matter and put the issue on the ballot again in November. WTF?

I hate living in a state that so blatantly hates people, and so fervently fights to strip them of rights. Why all of this amendment stuff when there is already a law against same sex marriages in the first place. Lets just put the nail in the coffin so that there is no chance for deviant homosexuals to love on another in any official capacity?? Is it that serious? Clearly to some, but why?

I am all signed up to work down here.. and ready to teach the children of GA, but I saddened by it all... and sometimes miss my Blue State roots. But I will vote in every election and hope that one day this Red State may choke on its hate and turn

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