I Almost Forgot!!!

OMG.. Clearly this graduating, getting an apartment, stuff has made me far far too serious. All this Red State, friendship stuff.. and I have neglected the most important thing that happened this week...


Yes! Yes! Yes! I spent all season rooting for Danielle, even when they said that she was too country and couldn't speak clearly enough. Explaining that accents are sooo bad.. when Twiggy's British twang is celebrated and Nnenna's Nigerian accent was appreciated.. Well give it up for Country girls everywhere.. You too can be a Covergirl.

Tyra's crazy anyway.. one minute talking about how you can never make it with a gap and making Danielle get it closed.. (it was one hell of a valley between those two front teeth) But then on her show saying how Bobby Brown was so brave to keep his gap and be successful.. Damn.. I mean Danielle is at least attractive.. Bobby ain't no kinda sexy!

Congratulations to Danielle.. for all the brown skinned girls as one of my friends said.. And.. I can't wait till season err excuse me.. cycle 7 (?) so i can see how her life is as a Covergirl!!!!!

Get it Danielle.. and I'm sure we'll see Joanie and Jade around.. one of my friends said.. We'll be sure to see Jade in all the usuals... King, XXL, BlackTail LOL

HAHAHA Happy Friday

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