Act Like a Lady, Think like a Man

Okay, this is all the buzz. Chics have blogged about it, millions have purchased it, even Oprah repped it on her show. So I figured I would check it out (for free) while I was in the Chi... And I thought, hmmm this is not worth purchasing. Most of this is just the same advice you will get from a level headed dude you already know, who respects you enough to real talk you.

But, go Steve, tell your story, make your money and the Ignorance Quotient was relatively low (unlike some mornings on his radio show). UNTIL I got to the part where Steve says that a man wants to protect his woman. Okay, true true. He includes an anecdote from his personal life to bolster this point. Apparently his wife is the spontaneous, adrenaline junkie type, who goes scuba diving, bungee jumping etc. Well I guess I should say WAS the spontaneous type, because apparently because Steve can't "protect" her in these situations she has given it up. No argument, she is just thankful that he cares so much about her.

Give me a damn break. You met her like that, that is who she is, and so how is it okay to advocate for her to not do something that she loves and has loved before you came along cause you can't handle it. That's some Grade A Bullshit. If I decide to marry Bear Grylls, how am I gonna be mad that he keeps parachuting in the jungle and say.. Baby you should just be glad I care about you. That's unnacceptable. Just like a man aint giving up his sports, he's not giving up his homies, I wouldnt give up a piece of me to keep that ego from cracking.


b.enchanted said...

Finally, someone else who thinks this book is ridiculous! And FYI, a black woman from Chicago wrote the exact same book (title and all) in 2004.

T said...

I loved the book. But, of course, I don't agree with everything he said. That part was extreme and I appreciate him for putting it out there. I do, however, feel like he was putting out a key message for the brothers on that one. Like women, start doing what your men say, if you want to keep 'em.

I work in marketing. I know a key message when I see it. LOL!

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