I can't quite put my finger in it

So I was listening to "I'm Fuckin you tonight" by Notorious BIG and R. Kelly and he gets to the line and says "finger fuckin in the park" and I was thinking oooh that is soooo high school. So, what do you think... Is there an age when you need to grow up and stop just finger fuckin in the park??


b.enchanted said...

EW to that title Spiderlgs. EWWWWW!
Unfortunately, park fingering is one of those things. When you can get away with it, you're too young to be doing that anyway. By the time it's no longer socially acceptable (as if it ever were), you need to get your grown ass in someone's house and do it to it.
Again- EWWWWW!

T said...

amen. when we were doing it, we were too damn young, and now that we can proceed without the threat of getting bodied by our mamas cuz we're grown now, who the heck wants to? get your ass in the house!

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