Why you gotta act....

like you aint black? I mean really Rashida Jones. Really?? You know yo daddy is black. Quincy is soo black he invented the Soul Card. But there you are in I Love You, Man acting like you are white. You don't have a single black friend, and at your wedding there is no one black. It is casually mentioned that your dad is out of the picture, but damn, every little mixed girl got that
cousin that loved you or that aunt that got in touch with you once you grew up cause she knew growing up your daddy was trifling! You should be ashamed. I mean this is worse than when J.Lo was Italian in Maid in Manhattan, or the Wedding Planner.. or whatever. It's 2009, passing don't get you less whoopins, that good job in the office, or the right to vote any more boo. Passing is played.

P.S. The movie was pretty good though.

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