Fatimals :-)

I have an obsession with shows like Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic and Half Ton Mom, Half Ton Dad and Half Ton Teen and I Eat 33,000 Calories a Day and oh yeah World's Fattest Man. But I find super morbid obesity interesting and not funny. Obesity is on the rise and it has led to so many deaths in the Black community that I can't even laugh at that. I mean I feel like we definitely gotta work it out.

That said, I think that there is one part of the obesity epidemic that I CAN laugh at.. and that is FAT ASS ANIMALS!! Enjoy. the picture above is clearly photoshop LOL :-)

I think this little girl might get a hernia.


b.enchanted said...

I think they should be called FATIMALS. LOL.

Spiderlgs said...

and that is why we are friends!! LOL Duly noted and addressed

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