R.I.P. Bea

Golden Girls was one of my absolute favorite shows growing up. It used to come on on the BANGING Saturday night line up with Nurses and Empty Nest. Hell I was 9, I didn't have anything to do on a Saturday but watch TV. So my heart was saddened when I heard that Bea Arthur passed away. She was a good actress, and a star of my childhood. Heck, I was watching the Golden Girls instead of the news on 9/11 , which is why I had NO idea what was going on. (Lifetime doesn't cut in for breaking news.) So I will be completely cliche and say, "Bea, Thank you for being a friend; we will miss you."

R.I.P. Bea Arthur
May 13, 1922 – April 25, 2009

Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down the road and back again
your heart is true you're a pal and a confidant

I'm not ashamed to say
I hope it always will stay this way
My hat is off, won't you stand up and take a bow

And if you threw a party
Invited everyone you knew
You would see, the biggest gift would be for me
and the card attached would say,
Thank you for being a friend

Thank you for being a friend
Thank you for being a friend
Thank you for being a friend


b.enchanted said...

You know, you really know a person after being their friend for more than 1/2 of your life. That being said-
I KNEW you were going to blog about this. When I saw it on the news this morning, I just knew it!
Admit it- I'm good.

T said...

I heard about this on the news this morning, but I was half listening, half flat-ironing my hair and I thought they were saying she was going to be in town or something like that. Didn't realize she passed away. Yep, she'll definitely be missed.

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