Blame it on the alcohol

Does T-Pain really say.. "Take a shot of Nuvo?" What kinda punk ass drink is that? I would definitely clown a negro taking a shot of pink Nuvo. LOL Henn? VSOP? Remy? Shit Rum and Coke? Damn.. what do you chase a shot of Nuvo with? An Apple martini? hahaha.

T-Pain's a d bag.


b.enchanted said...

Some dude was just talking to me about a new UV vodka flavor.
Ummm, what?

T said...

LOL, I thought he was suggesting that a woman take a shot of Nuvo. It never occurred to me that he could be taking a shot of Nuvo himself. That would be a shame.

Spiderlgs said...

He says.. ."I'm a take a shot of Nuvo!" I listened to it like 20 times before I blogged just to be sure I wasnt defaming him. LOL he sucks.

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