Hating on Copernicus

In the 16th century, Copernicus dropped knowledge. He said that the Earth was not the center of the Universe. He told em that it was the Sun.. Everything, all the other planets revolve around the sun. Needless to say, most folks weren't hearing it. Now the 16th century haters, were like, "Copernicus, you is crazy. You know Aristotle and Ptolemy already mapped out the Solar System and OBVIOUSLY the Earth is at the center! What are you talking about, homie?" (YES that is a direct quote) and the Catholic Church dissed him like he was talking ying yang.

Well, I know why they hated on Copernicus, cause I do all the time. I mean, those who know me understand that I am a tiny bit spoiled and I kinda like things like I like things and I want them when I want them and when that doesnt go down.. I am not happy. Some have kinda hinted that I believe that the world revolves around me. Well, yes.. cause most of the time my world does revolve around me. I mean, I am blessed. Most of the things I want I get through luck, generosity, hard work or a mixture of the three. I am blessed with some absolutely wonderful friends who indulge me in alot of my tomfoolery and ridiculosity. When I wanna go out I call someone and they are down...sometimes when I don't want to go out people call me cause they want me to go with them.. which is a blessing as well. All in all my life is pretty dope... which kinda leads to me kinda feeling like if i'm sitting on top of the world, then everything must be revolving around me because how else could this all fall into such perfect place? I mean it must be nature right..

NO cause then situations occur when I get disappointed. When a relationship I was hella excited about turns sour and I don't understand why or when something I really wanna do doesnt work out, like lets say I get invited somewhere and when I show up the person who invited me is gone...You know things like that happen and it pisses me off.. and makes me sad.

It's like Copernicus coming and sitting down next to me to break the news... "No matter how life may seem at times, I'm sorry. Not even your life revolves around you. It's just life and wish all you might, but you are just one element, one piece. So there will be situations beyond your control. Cause it doesnt work out with you as the center." And even though I know it's the truth and I do understand that... I get mad, just like the Catholic Church...because it is a harsh reality to face the idea that something that seems so natural.. isnt the truth.

I'm hating on Copernicus in a very personal 2K6 style. It doesn't make sense that disappointment should be apart of life. That situations should occur that require me to understand that I dont have control over everything that happens or the reactions of other people because I am not the Sun.. I dont provide life.. I am just living.

So Copernicus.. you might have been right then, you might be right now.. but damn.. .its a tough pill to swallow... cause I'm just trying to be sitting on top of the world, and I dont understand why i can't!

And yes this analogy might be a little far fetched but hey..

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