July 4th.. Independence Day.

Stars and Stripes Forever?
Yeah right.

I'm a patriot on occasion. you know.. like when its the Olympics or ummm okay just at the Olympics or Penn Relays.. I will shout USA with the best of them.. but all in all... I must say I don't get too much into flag waving... Fourth of July... Schmourth of July... You know while America's Forefathers were in Philadelphia putting their John Hancock's (hahaha) on the Declaration of Independence... my forefathers were pickin some cotton and birthin some babies in Georgia and Mississippi.. so I can't get too gung ho.. singing the National Anthem and stuff.. So i'm just going to wear red, black and green.. Sing Lift Every Voice and Sing.. and eat some good ole BBQ today and remember what Frederick Douglass said years ago.. in "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July": Here is the link:
If you are down for enlightenment.

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