Whatever man

Soooo this summer I had not enough to do and spent way too much time concerned with what people were telling me. In the spirit of introspection I took it to heart and now I realize aint nothing I can do about it. I tried to make some changes, it didn't work for me. So, I'm mean? you know you like it. So, I'm a jerk? you prolly get a kick out of it. I'm just me.. I'm sarcastic and dry. I dont really get excited about alot of things and when people want me to be excited it often comes off sounding fake (cause it is). Above all, my friends know that I am loyal and real. You will never have to guess where you stand with me and if we are homies then we are homies. People must think I'm funny cause they are always laughing at things that I say. Sometimes I can be ON TEN and act a fool... When I kick it, I kick it hard.. no reason to go out if you arent going to do it big. I don't intentionally hurt people's feelings, but it happens... just like it does to everyone. I'm forgiving because i know that there are times when I need to be forgiven. I can be an asshole and I am often stubborn. .If i dont wanna do it, i'm most likely not going to. But I am also very thoughtful and I make it my prerogative to make my friends' day. I just like them to know I have their back always. I dont think I expect more from people than I give. I am a woman of my word and sometimes I do falter. But I am always ready to apologize. I dream big and live big. I'm probably a little crazy and just trying to be the best me I can be.. so whatever man.. i'm doing what I can, making it the best way i know how.

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