Where did Sexy Go?

Justin Timberlake's new club banger is called Sexy Back.. In that song he proclaims to be bringing sexy back... Did sexy ever leave???? Diddy proclaims that he has been preserving his sexy with Proactiv.... but where HAS the rest of the sexy gone??

I don't know where it went, but I think it left around the time that BET Uncut hit the air and this base level rap hit the radio. Do not get me wrong cause I'm not gonna sit here and front like I don't listen to all the booty shakin music they play at the club.. But let us be really real.. That music aint sexy. The crunk explosion has gone from sexy to raunchy and I'm not trying to get down and dirty to any of that. Not "Run" By David Banner..."Wait" by Yin Yang Twins. "Ms. New Booty" by That dude who sings it... or any of that..

I remember being at high school dances and that was sexy... Listening to Moments in Love or Brian McKnight or Boys II Men.. Even H-Town, Jodeci and Silk kept it kinda sexy.. I'm not gonna trip Meeting in my Bedroom was the junk!!! And I cannot forget Ginuwine, King of the Panty Droppers! But that era is gone.. Now we have Mario, Ne-yo, JT Freeze.. I mean Trey Songs.. All these other dudes who are not keeping anything sexy.. romantic maybe.. but sexy not... The only person who makes me feel a little tingle is Usher.. and he aint been out in a minute..

So maybe JT is bringing sexy back because he is one sexy fine white boy... I mean dayum.. he could absolutely get it! But why does it take a white boy to bring sexy back.. as many fine sexy black men I know.. and Mr. JT is the one to bring it back.. I mean there have been some sexy songs out, but not by particularly sexy people. Marques Houston had Naked, Avant had.. i dont know. .whatever the names of his songs have been, R Kelly.. yeah well sleeping with children is not sexy so strike that.. but they have all contributed to the sexy.. But ugh.. who wants to have sex with them.. The only sexy male artist I can think of that is out now is LL Cool J and he is like 40..but so so sexy at 40 I must admit..

So I wanna say RIP to these artists who preserved Sexy in the past:

And I guess now thanks to JT... this type of sexy is bizzack... holla!!!!

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