So I've been thinking... We all got the same problems. We all look confident on the outside but have those moments alone when we question our lives and our decisions. We all have those insecurities that can spiral out of control if we don't keep them in check. We are all individuals just striving for happiness and peace in ourselves and some days we are better at it than others.

So my question is.. how come no one tells us that we are all feeling the same at the end of the day. I remember I was starting a new job a couple of years ago and I was so nervous that my stomach was in knots. I was definately excited too and pretty confident in my capabilities but I was soooo damn nervous I thought I was crazy... I told one of my friends and she said.. "Everyone is nervous when they first start a new job.. you are not the only one. We all feel like that." And it was like a lightbulb that went off.. I was thinking wow.. everyone feels that way? Everyone is nervous when it comes to this kinda stuff. .And I thought about all the times I put on a brave face and went out into the world with pseudo confidence when my stomach was churning and my hands shaking fearful of the unknown.. .

I wonder why no one told me this growing up. How come we don't allow kids to be sad and let that be okay? I remember as a kid feeling like something was wrong with me if I had any negative feelings and there being a focus on cheering up and getting it together. We all know the rhyme, "Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me." Yeah right.. what hurts more than words.... but we are fooled into thinking that its not supposed to hurt and something is wrong with us if we let it get to us.. It's a scam. I mean I definately don't believe in sitting in sadness or despair, and I think that there are definately ways that people can cope with difficult times. But as an adult I know that difficult times will come, and I just have to focus on making it through them.

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