What that thang smell like?

So, BET Uncut is off the air.. I didn't know for myself, because I am so old that I rarely make it up until the wee hours of the morning when Uncut comes on, but one of my favorite friends told me the news... I was a tad excited, but I must admit.. a little sad. Excited because damn how many stripper videos can really be on TV at 2:00am.. I mean small town strippers aren't even cute.. they are mostly thick girls with cellulite who can pop... Most of my friends could do the same, were they devoid of all morals, formal education, skill sets, home training, standards, and pride. But we don't go there cause we keep 9 to 5s.. And I hate that these girls really think they are going to pull a Superhead by their performance in "Let Me See That Ass Drop" By Joker the Bailbondsman. I mean come on honey... you are a two bit stripper... HO SIT DOWN!!! And I also didnt like the thought of my 15 year old son being up late on night and stumbling onto that hot ass mess 20 years from now and then trying to feel on booties at school... So for those reasons.. i am more than glad that Uncut is off the air.

Now.. I am a little disappointed because Uncut has really provided me with some quality entertainment over the past 6 years... Okay, not QUALITY.. but hilarious.. The first time I saw "What That Thang Smell LIke" by Black Jesus... i was blown away.. I cracked up for days and made my friends stay up to watch it and laugh with me.. I burned it on a CD and would act out the ridiculous mess in the video.. I mean come on..Girls having the bouncer at a club smell their fingers for admission??? EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW But hey. it made it on TV.. so I'm happy to laugh at it... And other songs really made my top 10.. I mean "Choppa Style" debuted on Uncut sometime during my undergrad days and I bonded with some new friends while doing the dance at a meeting.. ahhhhh hilarious... So, where will I get my lowgrade hilarious black videos now? Where will those grown ass men who were able to scrape together a few thousand dollars from their mamas/baby mamas/SSI check be able to debut their low grade videos???

So Farewell Uncut... it was good to have known you... Okay maybe not good.. but it was fun while it lasted.. I hope "Tipdrill" finds its place in hell where it belongs.. Cause credit cards don't belong in certain places... I just hope that we can get Keyshia Cole's and DMX's show off the air and salvage BET as a network worth us watching...

PS White Girls was also a hilarious song too.... i feel bad for enjoying the degradation supported by Uncut... but goodness gracious there was a bunch of mess on that program...


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