South Suburbs- Revisited

So... I went out to the south suburbs again... I knew I shouldnt have.. I almost didn't because as i've already described, the south suburbs is a special piece of Chicagoland... that is fun to shop in... cool to live in some places.. but not appropriate to party... unless its a house party... and then only in particular south suburbs... Either way...

We pulled up to club What's Up? LOL yeah.. i know... and after some positive self talk went in...
No one was there yet.. ,just some high school folks but it was early. Cool cool.. You know me.. I pregame in the car... soo I'm nice.. I buy my friend a drink for suffering through this against her will.. and we take in the ambiance..

Then we see someone we knew and he tells me to introduce myself to his friend... Now, I wave across the table and he says something.. and I cant hear because music is playing... sooo I ask again.. and again and finally I hear him say... "you aint gotta act like that.. i didn't sleep with you last night" and I was like what? I don't even know what that means... of course we didnt sleep together.. what are you talking about... and if i he is accustomed to girls being lukewarm the night after they sleep together then he should just not do it.. or go to a class or something because clearly his performance is not up to par. He also tells me.. everybody says that.. and I'm like.. uuuuuh not anyone I've ever met.. But I imagine this is the purpose of ethnography, to learn about other cultures.

All in all the night was great. I had a great time... I saw alot of people I havent seen in a while... high school friends.. so much fun... a blizzast!! But it was interesting very itneresting I must say... But variety is the spice of life.. but let me say it again... No more south suburbs.

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