You are NOT the Father!

What's going on in the world today when every case on Maury Povich ends with the guy not being the father of the child? I mean, call me a goody goody, a prude, a whatever.. but I mean as far as I know when you go to the doctor they give you a window of when the baby was conceived.. and how much sex must you have to not know who the father of your child is? I mean okay maybe it can be between two men... you can have your man and your piece on the side... I can see that.. but 10 guys? Ten men you had sex with in that small window of conception and they are all NOT the father? C'MON!!! And with no protection.. and we wonder why AIDS is hitting us the hardest...

I am also so sick of the men on Maury calling these girls every name in the book... I mean if she is all of that than you should have exercised a little dick discretion and put it back in your pants! I mean the urge is real.. we all wanna have sex.. we would all love to have hedonistic orgies without emotion and full of erotic enjoyment... I mean, maybe not.. but something about that sounds appealing.. but at the end of the day.. there are consequences that we want to avoid and so we, as thinking humans, give it a second thought and make a different decision. We make the decision to not sleep with every man who is willing, or every guy we meet who is attractive. I mean I make that decision... because if attraction was all we needed, I would have had sex with a good 8% of the people I know (yeah i'm that picky)... But I don't.. and neither do most of the people I know.... so I just sit around and talk about how horny I am... flirt shamelessly with cuties.. and grind on the dancefloor.. then go home and hope to fall in love... so then i can get all my action guilt/remorse/regret free.. . because when it comes to meaningless sexual encounters.. what percentage is really worth it??

I know shit happens. Situations arise and I am not downing anyone who has a unplanned pregnancy.. I mean me and my siblings were all surprises... but just be real about it.... be adult about things you do.. and also... just save up the money for the paternity test yourself so you dont have to be yelling and screaming.. running from the stage throwing yourself on the couch in the back and telling Murray how embarrassed you are and although you were 2000 per cent sure he was the father...NOW you have an idea of who else it could be.

sigh... but i must admit... Murray does make some DAMN GOOD TV!!

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